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Intranet Planning for 2016

Written by Paula Darch on 30 November 2015


Now is the perfect time of year to get ahead of yourself and start pulling together your 2016 plan. If you are committed to developing a new intranet next year or drafting your continuous development programme, then dedicating some time to intranet planning is essential for you. To support you, we have created a bank of free training material “Uncovering your intranet opportunities” which you can access as you need to.

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Top 5 HR Intranet Benefits

Written by Paula Darch on 26 November 2015

Great intranets can exceed original expectations, change business processes, enhance cultures and increase productivity and improve the engagement from everyone within the organisation. Today though I want to highlight our top 5 HR intranet benefits. If you would like further inspiration we offer free half day Intranet showcase events which enable you to see how other organisations have benefited from their intranets.

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Top 10 Festive Intranet Engagement Tips

Written by Paula Darch on 23 November 2015

At last we can all start to get excited about the festive season! Christmas is a great way to drive intranet engagement. The office will soon be awash with Christmas activities so here is our top 10 ways you can get your intranet into the festive spirit!

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Intranet Adoption & The Importance of Intranet Names

Written by Paula Darch on 17 November 2015

I’ve written before about how to go about generating names and the importance of them, but I think it’s also worth considering how important intranet names are in helping with user adoption. I would also like  to invite you to be one of the first to download our new Top 86 intranet names document. A must read for anyone planning a new intranet.

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2016 Intranet Budget Planning & Timescales

Written by Paula Darch on 16 November 2015

It’s getting to that time of year for many when 2016 intranet budget plans and timescales need to be submitted. The timescale and budget for your intranet determine the scope of your project. You may have been allocated a budget and asked to submit your proposal for delivering a new intranet to that budget or you may have no budget and be responsible for securing funding for your recommendations.

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Kickstart Your Intranet Engagement

Written by Paula Darch on 12 November 2015

Let’s jump forward in time for some and for others it’s right here and now. You have just launched your new intranet, you took your time and engaged with your end users, understood their needs, the business processes, engaged a great steering committee and now 6 months on you are wondering why your intranet engagement stats are in decline. What’s going on?

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Going Glocal in Chicago -Delivering global intranets with local appeal

Written by Martyn Green on 10 November 2015

 Several months ago I was asked to help a large multinational corporation identify the requirements for their global intranet. As with all big projects the question “where do we start?” was one of the first thoughts that went through people’s minds.

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Enhancing Your Intranet Users Experience

Written by Paula Darch on 9 November 2015

 We advise our clients not to forget about their end users when embarking on their intranet journey. Intranet users experience should be at the core of your solution and should encompass all of the learnings you gathered during your stakeholder interviews, surveys and desktop research. I thought it would be worthwhile to spend some time looking at what is meant by intranet usability and what you need to do to be able to ensure your intranet solution will benefit your end users.

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Intranet Hosting & Security, How Secure is Yours?

Written by Paula Darch on 5 November 2015

Data security is regularly hitting the headlines at the moment. Recent data breaches highlighted with Talk Talk and further advice provided by the ICO  highlight the importance of reviewing your own intranet hosting, security and wider collaborative working processes.

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Getting Your Intranets Into The Festive Spirit

Written by Paula Darch on 2 November 2015

Now Halloween has passed, everyone is looking forward to the big high street retailers Christmas adverts launching to indicate Christmas is on its way (52 days to be exact!).

How can intranets embrace Christmas? Successful intranets maintain high levels of engagement and they do this by creating great topical content through intranet contributors. Christmas, just like high street retailers is a great opportunity for you to drive intranet engagement and highlight important functionality, missed content and anything else you want to bring attention to.

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