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Why Intranet Document Management Matters

Written by Martin Miles on 30 April 2016



When organisations look to deliver their first intranet, a feature that is often important is how the intranet centralises and manages documentation that the business creates. In this blog post I want to give you an insight into some of the real world impact that our intranet document management delivers and how you can use this in your business. If you would like to see any of these features in more detail or understand how it may overcome some of your challenges, book an intranet demonstration.

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Topics: intranet audit, intranet document management

8 Ways Intranet Functionality Impacts Engagement

Written by Paula Darch on 29 April 2016

As an Intranet Manager you may not have the ability to quickly change the intranet functionality available to you however it is a crucial part to the effectiveness of your intranet. Within this blog we’ve listed 8 of the ideas that intranet managers from many different organisations shared with us and that they felt were important. To get the full list of intranet functionality suggestions as well as other ideas to deliver an effective intranet download our full effective intranet guide. 

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Topics: intranet functionality

Who is Responsible For Your Intranet?

Written by Sam Lipscombe on 28 April 2016

who is repsonsible for your intranet?

As anyone who has ever been responsible for an intranet knows, well used, effective intranets take more than just installing great intranet software. The best intranets are the ones whose objective is aligned to the objective of the business. Intranet governance plays a large role in this, helping to align the vision of senior management with the day to day responsibilities of this tool. 

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Topics: intranet governance

Is Extranet Software Dead?

Written by Sam Lipscombe on 27 April 2016

An extranet is a great way of securely sharing information with customers, suppliers and just about any group outside your business but with intranets delivering so much, is extranet software dead? To cut to the chase and see some modern extranet software for yourself, book a demonstration with one of our experienced consultants. 

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Topics: extranet software

Is The Digital Workplace The New Intranet Portal?

Written by Sam Lipscombe on 26 April 2016

is the digital worklplace the new intranet portal?

Moving beyond an internal website, the intranet has changed. While many organisations still use this to improve internal communications, more often it is impacting other areas of our workplace. In recent years the term ‘digital workplace’ has been popularised to begin to define the use of technology at work, with the intranet sitting front and centre. Which brings me to my question, is the digital workplace the new intranet portal?

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Topics: intranet portal

7 Tips for Planning Your Intranet Software

Written by Paula Darch on 25 April 2016

planning for your intranet software

Congratulations, if you are planning your new intranet software project this means all of your hard work in researching your intranet options, getting to grips with your business requirements and calculating your ROI has paid off and your business case has been approved. This is a great achievement in itself and now you can start to plan your new intranet. No matter what intranet software solution you have opted for, you will still need to project plan to ensure intranet success. If you are researching intranet software suppliers, call us to arrange a demo.

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Topics: intranet software

Intranet Steering Committees - Formalising Your Intranet Management

Written by Paula Darch on 24 April 2016

Whilst hosting our SORCE Intranet conference, I was able to speak to a variety of clients about their own intranets and how they managed ongoing developments and feedback. What struck me was the variety of roles, requirements and management approaches that exist. I thought it would be useful to share this with you, especially with regards to intranet steering committees. If governance is a hot topic for you, we've written loads of practical steps in our free intranet governance guide.

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Topics: intranet project management, intranet steering committee

5 Top Intranet Advantages and How You Can Achieve Them

Written by Sam Lipscombe on 23 April 2016

5 Top Intranet Advantages 

If you have already started on an intranet project you may have begun to think about the advantages an intranet can deliver to your business. In this blog post I’m going to highlight my top 5 ways in which it can and should positively impact your organisation. If you want to explore this further, ask for a demonstration of our intranet software where we can show you how our platform can help you achieve these.

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Topics: intranet software, intranet advantages, collaboration

4 Reasons Why Your Intranet Needs Video to Improve Employee Engagement

Written by Martyn Green on 21 April 2016

How video can help employee engagement on your intranet 

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Topics: employee engagement

5 Essentials of an Intranet Document Management Application

Written by Paula Darch on 20 April 2016

A big advantage of a great intranet is an effective intranet document management system. Our SORCE document management application delivers all of the essentials you need to create store, share and archive your documentation. I thought it would be useful to highlight what I think are the top 5 essential elements of our document management application. If you would like to find out more about our SORCE intranet software, request a demonstration with our intranet experts.

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Topics: intranet document management, intranet file management, intranet application

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