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A good taxonomy will help you find intranet content with ease

Written by Martyn Green on 14 July 2011

Taxonomies are classification systems that group similar items together. An intranet with a good taxonomy is logically structured so that users can find information in the shortest possible time. Designing an intranet structure around your audience’s needs enables them to find what they need easily and efficiently.

A poorly organised intranet will impact on your users’ experience. If there is no logical structure to the way information is grouped how can you expect your employees to find what they need quickly and easily?

This is why it’s so important to get your intranet taxonomy right.

The information that you gathered from staff during your requirements gathering exercises will help you create your intranet structure.

You may decide to have a structure based around departments:-

Or you may choose a structure based around processes:-

It doesn’t matter which structure you choose. The vital thing is that it makes sense to your potential intranet audience.

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