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10 Intranet Benefits That Have Made You Greater This Year! [Event]

by Paula Darch on December 21, 2015

intranet benefits

Not long to go until Christmas day and for many of us we are now on the countdown to the holiday season. However, many of us will be working from home via our intranet and keeping up to date through our mobile devices. This is now the norm for the majority of organisations but times like this really emphasise the benefits of a great intranet and how they have helped us achieve things we would never have thought possible.

As you work from home by the fire whilst Christmas songs fill the room, spare a moment for your intranet and how it's benefited you this year. Here are my thoughts on how your intranet may have made you greater this year:

  1. Your intranet will have saved you time this year, enabling you to locate information easier and faster, across multiple devices.
  2. Your email volumes should be lower as the intranet has enabled you to receive the messages relevant to you when you need them.
  3. Easy to access information stored centrally, means that you might feel more engaged and less frustrated than you did last year as you can create, comment, edit information with colleagues.
  4. You might have noticed you have less paper on your desk. All of your meeting minutes, presentations and documents are all centrally stored and can be accessed by everyone that needs to both in and outside of your business.
  5. Collaborative working has probably reduced the time you have traditionally taken to get documents signed off by everyone involved.
  6. By working more closely with colleagues, you may have found new ways of working thanks to your intranet. Sometimes the smallest change to a business process can make a big difference.
  7. You probably feel more knowledgeable as you can access the latest product/service performance information whenever you need to.
  8. If your business has had to communicate sensitive information quickly, you have known about it at the same time as colleagues, rather than through the grapevine or delayed by email.
  9. Booking holidays might have seemed a bit easier this year as your intranet will have made it quick and easy for you to book your leave and view your balance.
  10. Finally, with all of the time, stress and money you may have saved this year, you can begin your holiday with a new found respect for your intranet and look forward to an even more productive 2016!

I hope this has got you thinking about your intranet benefits. To inspire you further we would like to invite you to come along to one of our free intranet showcase.

Here at SORCE, as intranet software and consultancy providers our software powers the intranet and extranet for hundreds of organisations. Our clients cover a wide range of sectors from finance to manufacturing, not for profit organisations (such as charities and housing associations) as well as local authorities and other public sector agencies. If you would like to find out more, get in touch.






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