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Migrating your content to your new intranet

by Martin Miles on May 24, 2011

When a new intranet is being created, there are many things to consider. Ensuring that your intranet is user friendly, and in line with your business objectives are important considerations but what about content migration?

When it comes to large organisations, their existing intranet could have a considerable amount of content that they wish to keep. This will need to be transferred to their new intranet site.

The process of transferring content involves the following steps:-

  1. Mapping of content
  2. Content targeting
  3. Testing

Mapping of content involves the client selecting existing content that is relevant to their new intranet. Whilst carrying out this exercise it is also important to ensure that content is placed in the right business areas to ensure ease of access for staff. Once this content has been mapped, it needs to be copied from spreadsheets and published to the new intranet site.

Once this content has been transferred, it will be tested and, if necessary the data will be amended or new content added.

If there is a large amount of content on the old site, this process can seem like a daunting task, resulting in the following issues:

  • Staff may need to be trained to migrate content
  • Staff will be taken away from usual daily roles to transfer content
  • Training staff and altered duties could be costly to the business

A possible solution is to outsource the migration of content.

Content migration is critical and many large companies choose a specialist company such as ourselves to do this for them.

Martin Miles, SORCE consultant says “migrating content can be a time consuming and costly process for a business. At SORCE we can transfer content for you allowing your staff to concentrate on other business issues”.

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