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Get some feedback with a staff survey

by Sam Lipscombe on June 16, 2011

Whether you have an existing intranet or you are considering implementing a new one, it’s always a good idea to gauge the views and opinions of potential users. Staff intranet surveys are a great way of doing this.They send out a positive signal to your employees letting them know their opinions matter and you are listening to them.

What is the purpose of a staff survey?

  • Understand what staff really think about an intranet
  • Discover which processes are useful to employees
  • Identify key issues staff are encountering

If you don’t listen to what your staff want, you run the risk of creating an intranet that has no benefit to your employees.

What should you include in a staff survey?

There are three main areas:

  1. Relevance of content
  2. Site navigation
  3. Design

Questions will vary depending on the objectives you are trying to achieve with your intranet. Make sure questions are concise and to the point.

Get staff to indicate which existing intranet tasks are useful and encourage them to suggest new ones they could benefit from.

If you want to improve your response rate:

  • Make the survey anonymous
  • Provide an incentive for taking part, perhaps a prize if name is given
  • Don’t make it too long or wordy

Remember, surveys are a two way process. If you you ask for feedback, users will want to know the results of this.

Don’t just rely on surveys to gather staff information, combine this with other techniques such as stakeholder interviews.

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