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How to create personas for your intranet

by Martyn Green on June 8, 2011

A persona is the amalgamation of similar stakeholders to create different types of user requirements. Personas are normally created after information has been gathered from stakeholder interviews.

Once these personas have been created, they will be used at a later date to create a checklist of actions that are easily performed on the intranet.

To gain the best understanding of your intranet users, multiple personas should be created to represent the different type of users. These can be divided up by:-

  • Seniority
  • Departments
  • By business line (type of products that are looked after)

Like stakeholder interviews, there is no right or wrong way of doing this. How you choose to class your personas will depend on your business and objectives.

Personas are fictitious but they are based on the knowledge of real intranet users to test how easily employees can access the information they need.

So you can identify with each persona, you should provide some general information about the individual, such as:-

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Job title
  • Age
  • Gender

These should be relevant to your organisation. For example, if you are creating a persona for sales and marketing and the majority of these staff are female and under 35, the persona should reflect these demographics.

You want to include information on:

  • Tasks the individual undertakes regularly
  • The challenges/frustrations they currently deal with
  • What they enjoy doing in their role
  • What would make their job easier
  • The type of information they need to undertake their job
  • Where do they go to find information to undertake daily duties
  • What they use the intranet for

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