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Understanding user requirements with stakeholder interviews

by Martyn Green on June 6, 2011

A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in or will be affected by the business objectives of your organisation. As you plan your intranet, stakeholder interviews will help to identify the processes and content your stakeholders require. By gathering together information about your employees you will get a better understanding of existing issues and how an intranet could help resolve them.

Firstly, you will need to identify who your stakeholders are. This will normally involve a meeting with your project sponsor. Typically, the type of stakeholders you interview will be a cross section of:-

  • Decision makers
  • Management
  • Employees

There are two ways of segmenting your stakeholders:-

  1. Departmentally – Marketing, Finance, Sales etc
  2. By levels of seniority – administrators, middle management, senior managers

There is no right or wrong way of segmenting stakeholders and it will depend on the type of business solution you are looking for.

The number of stakeholders you interview will be dependent on the focus of your intranet and the size of your organisation. If the organisation is small or you are focusing on a specific business area, less interviews will be necessary as opposed to a large organisation.

The next stage will be to consider the type of questions you will be asking. These are usually based around the following:-

  • Staff working habits
  • Which departments an individual needs to communicate with regularly
  • The type of information staff use on a daily basis
  • Company Guidelines and policies
  • Training that has been taken or needs to be taken

For more information on conducting your own stakeholder interviews download our stakeholder interviews step by step learning guide

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