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How to write a creative brief (company profile) part 1 of 5

by Duncan Millar on November 10, 2011

A creative brief is a document that gives your intranet designer as much information as possible about your organisation. Understanding your exact requirements will help your designer create an appropriate intranet design for you.

A creative brief is normally written after you have tested your intranet and are now ready for the nest stage, to create the design.

Over the next five articles we will explain the main points to consider when creating your brief.

In this article we will cover writing a company profile as part of your creative brief.

The company profile is a written synopsis of the organisation or company and should be the first part of the brief that you create. You should be able to find this information in your existing corporate literature such as company reports or your 'about us' page. It should include the main aims of your company and be a true representation of how you operate.

When this is written, it should be assumed that your designer has no prior knowledge about your organisation or the industry sector you operate in.

The type of information that should be included is:

  • What your organisation does
  • How long has your business been established and how many staff do you employ?
  • What industry or sector do you operate in?
  • How do you compete within your niche market?
  • How does your business fit into your industry sector?

All of this information will give your designer a strong overview of the company which will enable the designer to create the best intranet that suits your business or organisation. The next step is to clearly define your target audience which we will cover in the next article.

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