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How to write a creative brief (intranet goals) part 4 of 5

by Duncan Millar on November 23, 2011

Intranet goals are the objectives you create for your intranet. Your intranet designer needs to understand these goals to help them create an appropriate layout and design that fits your requirements.

In the first three parts we discussed the importance of including a company profile, information on your target audience and how you will speak to them within your brief.

In this article we will discuss the importance of including your intranet goals within your creative brief.

During the planning stage of your intranet, you will have set out some SMART goals for your intranet (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound). These goals will include the aims and objectives of your intranet. It is important to include this information within your brief so that your intranet designer understands what you are trying to achieve from your intranet. 

You will need to mention whether your intranet is:

  • Mainly used to help employees complete tasks
  • Mainly used to communicate to employees
  • A combination of both

If you have a task based intranet. your focus will be on processes such as accessing documents. If your intranet is communications driven then the focus will be on news articles and company information. Alternatively, the business priorities may be to provide a combination of both news and processes.

Having this information will help your designer understand which content should be on key pages of your intranet such as what users will see when they first login. This will also ensure the development stages of your intranet will not be held up and force you to go backwards when in the midst of designing.

Including this information in your creative brief will help your intranet designer create a layout and design that fits in with your business objectives.

After you have covered intranet goals, you will now want to consider your budget and timescales. We will cover this in our next article.

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