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How to write a creative brief (timescales and budget) part 5 of 5

by Duncan Millar on December 2, 2011

The timescale and budget for your intranet determine the scope of your project. Including these in your creative brief give your intranet designer specific guidelines to work to.

In the first four articles on writing a creative brief, we discussed the importance of including a company profile, identifying your target audience, how you will speak to them and intranet goals.

In this article, we will discuss why the timescales and budget for your intranet need to be included in your creative brief.

Once your intranet designer has a good understanding of your timescales and budget, they can create a design that realistically meets your needs. Photographers, illustrators, and other resources such as media, fonts and stock images will all have cost and time implications, so they will need to be aware of what your budget and timescales can accommodate.

The answers to the following should be included in your creative brief, keep in mind your SMART intranet goals:


  • Specific – what is your budget?
  • Measurable – how much is your budget?
  • Achievable – is it realistic? Do you have a contingency plan?

It’s always a good idea to keep your project sponsor informed of any budget and cost implications. Also, remember to make allowances for any additional editing costs.


  • Realistic – When does the project need to be completed by?
  • Timely – Do you have any specific deadlines? How will overruns affect your overall intranet project?

If you need the intranet to coincide with any other marketing, make sure that your designer is aware of this.

Including information on your design budget and timescales within your creative brief will give your intranet designer a good idea of the type of design they can realistically achieve.

You will now have all the information to be included in your creative brief. The next step is to discuss your creative brief with your intranet designer and have a design created.

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