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What’s the point of a Video Avatar?

by Sam Lipscombe on January 27, 2012

How do you inform your staff about their latest business tool, namely their intranet? Being a marketer the answer is simple. You grab their attention by promoting it in a different and exciting way.

In my experience, some of the reasons why intranets aren’t adopted by staff is because they don’t know how to use it or understand how it relates to them.

One of the ways I’ve seen companies address these issues is with Video Avatars.

Video Avatars are similar to screen casts in that they give your intranet audience a visual overview of the site. Where they differ however, is instead of a voiceover talking you through the processes, Avatars feature a presenter, giving it a more personal feel.

A compelling way of getting people to relate is for your presenter to be your Managing Director or another charismatic personality within the organisation. Not only does this personalise your intranet, it also builds trust by it being validated by a key figure from your company.

Video Avatars may not be within the scope of everyone’s budget but they can be considered as a long term investment. Avatars can be used as part of an induction programme to train new starters on the intranet. Plus, as staff become more familiar with their site, additional Avatars can be created to highlight different areas of functionality.

Clients who create Avatars not only have an engaging way to launch their site, they also get the additional benefit of it becoming a visual ‘how to’ guide. This is a tool that staff can refer to long after the site has been launched.

So, not only do Video Avatars help to promote your site, educate your staff and get them using their intranet they also provide them with a site for future reference. Employees can be guided through intranet processes by an authoritative figure that they can trust.

If this idea appeals to you, give us a call to discuss the benefits of Video Avatars with one our friendly Intranet Consultants.

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