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What’s your intranet story?

by Sam Lipscombe on January 20, 2012

As a marketer, I’ve encountered many interesting intranet launch ideas. One concept that particularly appeals to me and that I believe will resonate with your audience is telling your intranet’s story.

Of course, one of the main purposes of an intranet is to increase efficiency. However, I believe that if you want to encourage your staff to use their new business tool you’ve got to get them interested.

A lot of effort and planning goes into an intranet and visually telling this story will help your staff understand and appreciate this.

Your ‘intranet story’ begins from day one and involves documenting the whole process with photos and images. This could be pictures of brainstorming meetings, staff participating in requirements gathering workshops and graphics of design options. Essentially your ‘story’ represents the journey you went through to deliver your intranet. It gives it a human face which your staff can relate to.

Although this concept takes a little extra thought from the outset, it’s simple to do and costs virtually nothing. Plus, you’ll have a great story to tell when your intranet’s launched.

One of our clients created a giant ‘scrapbook’ for their launch day. The scrapbook was divided into ‘phases’ graphically depicting how decisions were made at each stage. Photos were included of both the project team and members of staff.

The personal feel of the scrapbook was a huge success with staff, primarily because it helped them identify with those involved in the project. Instead of being a faceless business application, their intranet became something they could relate to.

Telling your staff your intranet story at launch will help them understand the process and how decisions were made. When they see just how much thought and planning went into its creation, they can’t help but give it a try can they?

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