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Behind every good intranet..

by Sam Lipscombe on February 10, 2012

In my role as an Intranet Consultant I get to see the good, the bad and the ugly of the intranet world.

One factor that always stands out in a good intranet is the quality of the person responsible. Most bad intranets generally lack responsibility for this critical business tool. There’s no secret formula to making a good intranet manager. I’ve met technical people with no formal internal communication skills who’ve made a fantastic job of their intranet. Equally I’ve met top notch communicators who would happily admit to having limited technical skills, yet they also manage very successful intranets.

Attributes that I think are always present though are passion and vision. An intranet manager who possesses these qualities can truly make of an intranet. That said, the passion and vision that your intranet needs may not always come from just one person. It’s perfectly feasible that two or more people in the business contribute to these all important attributes. Additionally external consultants such as myself have passion and vision in abundance.

So if you’ve got a good intranet be thankful and appreciative to the people who manage it.

If you’d like to discuss any issues regarding the success of your intranet, fill out our demo form and I’ll be happy to visit you for a friendly chat.

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