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The future of Intranets - Simple, Seamless, Strategic

by Sam Lipscombe on February 14, 2012

Predicting what the future intranet will look like is an almost impossible task. Not least because intranets already come in many shapes, sizes and flavours so it’s hard to pigeon hole the future intranet.

But as we stand today it’s clear that the demand from the market is pushing the designers of intranets in the direction of making the intranet simple, seamless and strategic.


Adoption continues to be the challenge for every intranet. Packing your intranet full of widgets and gadgets in the hope that something sticks is, at best, hopeful. Also, expecting your staff to have the ability and desire to use sophisticated content tagging techniques in order to simulate intranet intelligence is a high risk approach.

Simplicity is the key to user adoption. Understand what your users want, and why. Then give it to them, but make it simple to use.


We live in an on-demand world and expect information to be at our finger tips immediately. The same is true for your intranet. If there is information or tools vital to helping staff do their job they should be able to access these quickly and simply by whatever mechanism is most convenient.

Technology and bandwidth are less of barrier these days and the future intranet needs to embrace and be accessible from any location using any device.


It’s time for intranets to stand up and be counted as a business tool and not just a fluffy internal website. The purpose and objectives of the intranet need to be clear, understood and fulfilled. Implementing an intranet because you ‘think it will help’ is not good enough. You need to know how it will help and be able to quantify the benefit. This will force the intranet onto the strategic agenda of your organisation thus securing support and funding for future developments.

If you’d like to discover more about the potential benefits your intranet can offer you, book yourself onto our next intranet showcase.

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