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Discovering your intranet’s possibilities

by Sam Lipscombe on March 29, 2012

Recently I travelled to the West Midlands to help an organisation through the ‘Learning’ phase of their intranet journey. This involved the facilitating of an ‘intranet possibilities’ workshop with their senior management team.

The company in question appreciated that their existing intranet was old, tired and under developed and the time was right to make some improvements. What they needed was some guidance as to what their new intranet needed to do, and why.

The whole point of The Journey’s Learning phase is to explore, discover, and investigate the potential of a new intranet. Armed with your new found knowledge and vision, you’ll be ready to enter the ‘Planning’ phase of The Journey.

It was my role to expose the management team to the possibilities of an intranet using case studies from various implementations we’ve been involved with. It quickly became clear that many people in the room viewed an intranet as an internal website rather than a business application. A healthy brain storming session ensued with a flurry of mind maps being drawn up.

It’s early days and there’s still learning to be done but they’ve taken those important first steps to achieving success.

SORCE are more than just a software provider. With our help, you can discover the key elements that create a successful intranet.

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