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Are you moving into a new intranet?

by Sam Lipscombe on April 18, 2012

When implementing an intranet, you are faced with an important decision. Do you choose an out of the box product or a customisable solution?

I like to think of this as the difference between buying a new house from a developer and consulting an architect to design a home.

When you buy a house from a developer, the structure and layout is pre configured. Sure, you can change the kitchen or paint the walls to your personal tastes but you’re pretty limited in how creative you can be.

On the other hand, if you’re building your own home from scratch, you choose the structure and layout. This gives you a place that fits exactly around your requirements without compromise.

So how does this relate to us?

Well, there are lots of intranet builders out there who supply out of the box products. Essentially, these are pre configured to work in a particular way with the option to make minor functional customisations. In themselves, they’re good functional solutions which do exactly what they’re advertised to do.

SORCE, however, is more like working with an architect. With proven techniques and components our solution contains some of the most common building blocks to get started quickly. At the same time our platform provides the flexibility for you to create an intranet that fits the needs of your employees. This is the power of having a platform rather than a product.

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