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Selecting a strong intranet team

by Martyn Green on July 9, 2012

I’ve worked on intranet projects with many clients from various sectors and locations. They may all be different but what is common amongst all organisations is the need for a strong intranet project team.

Intranet projects often stall because of a lack of direction or internal conflicts. This is why I always stress that selecting the right team members is vital for a successful project, especially your senior sponsor and intranet owner.

Senior sponsors are responsible for the overall strategic direction of your intranet. I’m a firm believer that this is a role your sponsor should truly want and not something that is merely thrust upon them. Only then can they champion the merits of their intranet.

The most effective sponsors I’ve encountered have been able to:

  1. Ensure strategy is in line with business objectives
  2. Deal with internal conflict using their seniority
  3. Resolve differences between key stakeholders using their negotiation skills
  4. Keep senior management onside
  5. Access vital finances

Equally important is your intranet owner or manager. Whilst a senior sponsor’s priorities are overall strategy, intranet owners track the daily activities of the project.

Selecting the right person for the job is vital, as they are responsible for:

  1. Creating the overall intranet vision
  2. Prioritising objectives
  3. Project planning
  4. Keeping staff motivated to ensure deadlines are met
  5. Liaising regularly with intranet sponsor and team

Even with these crucial team members in place, getting staff onside is no easy feat. Every department will have its own agenda and priorities for the intranet. So it’s down to your sponsor to reassure staff that the intranet will cater for everyone’s requirements.

What’s your experience with creating intranet teams? Comment below.

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