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Why are we obsessed with social?

by Sam Lipscombe on July 3, 2012

When I say "we" I mean software vendors, intranet managers and intranet experts. It's been a few years now since intranets allegedly became social but to date there are few successful social intranets - not counting the big tech boys like IBM who have been investing in this for a long time.

I think the secret to making intranets more social is to stop calling them social intranets. Users just don't care if an intranet is social. They care about getting the job done and need an intranet to help them.

Now "we" know the power of social. But if "we" are clever "we" can start to introduce social techniques into the intranet without staff necessarily caring or being aware. The thing is, just because we think social is cool it doesn't mean everyone else does.

Tell a user that the intranet is their internal Twitter and you'll get a high proportion of them immediately rejecting it as not something they do.

Show a user that the intranet will help them do their job better and anyone worth their pay cheque will engage.

So let’s stop pushing social and just carry on implementing great intranets.

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