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Wireframing Part 2 of 3 (Paper Prototyping)

by Martyn Green on December 10, 2012

In my last post I discussed how to get your team to understand how to layout the content for your intranet site.

You’ll now want to get your team to create a paper prototype of your intranet layout.

Split your team up and get each team to work on a page for the site.

You’ll need to carry out this exercise for each major part of the site.

Taking the post it notes with content written on them, get them to lay out content.

Remind them to think of who will be accessing the page and what their priorities are likely to be.

As prototyping is an exercise that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, it’s a good time to experiment with different layouts. You could create several different layouts for the same page.

At this stage I always ask participants to be mindful of of the type of audience that will be accessing the page. If you have an HR page that is going to accessed by a variety of users from different departments, it’s a good idea to have staff from different departments involved in the design process.

Once all your teams have finished their layouts, get them to present back to the group. They can then discuss and explain why they placed content in a certain way. It’s more than likely each group has laid content out in a slightly different way and as a group you can discuss what they think will work the best for the audience.

Once the group has come up with designs they are happy with, the layouts will need to be tested.

The Project Manager can now create an electronic version of the paper prototypes using wire framing software.

In my next post I’ll discuss how electronic wireframes can help to validate your layout.

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