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Are your employees working from home?

by Sam Lipscombe on January 18, 2013

For anyone that is working in the south of England or Wales today you can’t have helped but notice the abundance of snow on the ground. Schools are closed and the roads are taking the strain.

Many businesses will have their employees working from home to accommodate for impassable roads or child care issues. But just because more people are working from home today that doesn’t mean that business should grind to a halt.

Over the years I have had numerous conversations with businesses that use their intranet (or should I say intranet with extranet capabilities) as part of their contingency strategies for just such occasions.

As a centralised collaboration environment the intranet is ideal for knowledge management even for remote workers. It’s also secure and with the personalisation and social features of modern intranets, connecting and working with members from your team is really simple.

If you’re interested in understanding what more an intranet can do for your business, book your place on one of our FREE intranet events or simply give us a call.

Enjoy the snow and stay safe!

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