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Implementing an intranet in a matter of days

by Gary Pearce on January 15, 2013

As a Project Manager, I’m used to working with a variety of companies both big and small, helping them to plan and implement their intranets. Every organisation has its own set of priorities and what they are looking to achieve.

To help organisations discover their true intranet killer opportunities, we take our customers through a process which we refer to as the ‘Journey’. This six stage process includes a number of fact finding exercises to get a better understanding of their user requirements. Understanding what users want enables us to create an intranet that is specific to their needs, with functionality that is tailored to them.

For organisations whose intranet needs are more simplistic, their main focus is to quickly deliver a collaborative intranet to their business. With these needs in mind, my team and I use our QuickStart product which solves these immediate challenges yet can evolve to explore killer opportunities at a later date.

Our clients are provided with Document Management, plus an array of essential applications to enhance both communication and news, including news and blogs and contacts to name but a few. Add to this the fact that implementation can take place in a matter of days, it’s no surprise that it’s been so well received.

The feedback we’ve had so far has been very positive with customers particularly liking the fact they can get straight to communicating and sharing information quickly without a lengthy planning process.

If you would like to know more about Quickstart and how it could benefit your organisation, get a quote from our website QuickStart.

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