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New Year Intranet Resolutions

by Sam Lipscombe on January 3, 2013

January is the time that most of us begin to look forward and set goals for the year ahead. Many will turn to the gym or to a new diet, some will aim to achieve something that they have wanted to accomplish in a long time, others will simply want 2013 to be more fulfilling than last year.

As well as making these resolutions in our personal life, many intranet managers use the New Year as a great opportunity to make resolutions for their intranet. The intranet can be a great place to engage your whole business, both with targeted communications and by giving staff the tools to be more effective in their jobs.

One of the main things that people begin to do at this time of year is to search and book their summer holidays. With this in mind, a great way of engaging your staff is to enable them to book their holidays through your intranet. Not only can you streamline this process through pre-built intranet applications, it also provides an excuse for your colleagues to access the intranet and become exposed to other relevant content.

Many organisations that we work with use the intranet as the ONLY way staff can request holidays. By automating this process holidays can be tracked and managed with little oversight by line managers or HR.

Another way to increase intranet engagement at this time of year is by displaying KPI (Key Performance Indicators) on the intranet. Most organisations use April as their end of year so push hard in this last quarter to help hit targets. Displaying KPI’s on the intranet is a great way of visually showing the progress that teams are making.

If you are looking for more ways to increase your intranet engagement to your staff, my colleague Martyn Green has produced a series of helpful ideas that you can use for free. Sign up to his helpful intranet ideas here.

Have you got any ideas on how you can increase the engagement of staff on the intranet? If so, share your comments below.

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