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How do you tackle a new intranet project?

by Martyn Green on February 15, 2013

I recently held my latest Masterclass in Delivering a Successful Intranet in London. I’ve devised this course as a step by step guide to planning an intranet using our concept ‘the Journey’.

I always encourage feedback from my attendees to give me a better understanding of their reasons for attending and what they found particularly useful.

The idea behind ‘the Journey’ is to guide you through six defined phases of the planning process. Delegates often mention that they find this clearly structured process as well as the lack of technical jargon particularly appealing.

In addition, as there are a number of practical exercises, attendees like the fact that they are not just talked at, but actively encouraged to put the theory into practice. Taking part in requirements gathering exercises has given many delegates the confidence to utilise what they have learned within their own intranet projects.

However, some of our attendees are more comfortable with further guidance, particularly where there is a large scale project. In these instances we have consulted with them to carry out exercises such as stakeholder interviews and card sorting.

Discovering what attendees are trying to achieve means I can adapt the course content to reflect their requirements.

I’ll be running my next Masterclass in April, so if you’d like more information on how attending could help with your intranet project, book your place on the next course.

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