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Why do you need an intranet?

by Martyn Green on March 11, 2013

When I speak to potential clients one of the first things I ask them is why they think they need an intranet. Common responses are that they have been instructed to get an intranet by senior management, or they’ve seen some functionality they like. Before you even think about functionality you need to determine whether your organisation actually needs an intranet at all.

It’s all very well getting bowled over by functionality and features but what exactly are you trying to achieve and are they relevant to your needs?

To get a thorough understanding of your needs, it’s essential you go back to basics by taking a look at your business strategy and objectives. Ask yourself, how can an intranet help you achieve these objectives?

Looking for intranet opportunities within the business is an area people often struggle with. This is why I recommend undertaking some research before committing to a project.

By attending showcases you’ll be able to see how other companies have used their intranet to resolve business issues. Attending courses will give you a realistic idea of what rolling out an intranet entails.

As well as teaching people the right way to roll out an intranet, I help them uncover their business requirements. I do this by undertaking a number of team and group exercises. In my experience, learning in an interactive, practical way gives people the confidence to apply what they have learned to their own business.

Once you’ve identified your exact needs you can contact a supplier. They will be able to show you how to convert your business requirements into intranet functionality.

If you’d like to learn more about the practical aspects of an intranet project, book on my next intranet course in March.

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