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What happens after the launch?

by Martyn Green on April 18, 2013

There’s often a focus on delivering an intranet, but what happens after you’ve launched your site?

In my opinion, intranets need care and attention and to be successful they shouldn’t stand still.

To keep up the momentum, it’s a good idea to set a review three months after your launch. It’s best to include your supplier in this meeting as well as your intranet team.

Your supplier’s role isn’t just about getting you to launch, but to also support you with the site’s ongoing success. They can provide you with ideas and suggestions by showing you what other organisations have done post launch. By providing case studies, additional training or even introducing you to clients with similar business issues they’ll be able to help you steer your site in the right direction.

Your intranet review also provides a good opportunity to discuss different aspects of the rollout enabling you to:

  • Gauge feedback and suggestions
  • Refer back to findings from your stakeholder interviews
  • Generate new ideas for the next intranet phase

Now is the time to take a look at the functionality that could not be implemented during the first phase of your site, and whether this is now possible. Looking at what was suggested by your stakeholders and feedback from your employees may provide you with ideas, and to explore this further you might want to carry out a staff survey.

To ensure your site continues to evolve with the needs of your business, it’s advisable to have a regular intranet review to ensure your site stays on track. You’ve already invested in your site, so get the most out of it by looking to your intranet first to resolve business issues before you consider any other solution.

Improvements don’t have to wait to be discussed at reviews. Your intranet manager’s role should be to seek out new opportunities for ongoing engagement. Little and often is the key, whether it’s offering prizes to staff for the best contributions or adding new applications and features to resolve a business problem.

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