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How do you make social features work for you?

by Sam Lipscombe on June 21, 2013

There’s much discussion regarding the importance of social features within modern intranets. For many organisations it can be difficult to understand how they fit into their working environment.

To give you some ideas, I thought I’d cover some of the ways companies I’ve worked with have used Microblogs to suit their organisation.

Social pages

Of course, there is the social element. Using Microblogs on staff pages gives them the opportunity to have their say and provide their own opinions. This could be in the form of providing suggestions for the next team night out, or sharing pictures of a recent event.

Project updates

Microblogs are an excellent way of providing fast updates on how a project is progressing. One of our clients was relocating to a new office and wanted to keep their staff informed of what was going on with the move. They used their Microblog to post regular pictures and to offer the facility for employees to ask questions about the move.

Problem solving

To keep updates and comments relevant to you, how about creating categories for teams or departments? One multinational client has staff working across different time zones and by creating an HR Microblog they were able to share information and knowledge with their international colleagues.

Some senior managers use this tool as a problem solver where they invite staff to highlight issues or areas within the business that need to be addressed. In addition, they are a great way of identifying other colleagues within your organisation with specific business knowledge to assist you in your job role or project.

These companies have shown that there’s a variety of ways that a Microblog can be used, to fit in with your corporate culture. You can find out more about our social engagement tools and how you can see them in action here.

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