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Taking the Journey with Sovereign

by Sam Lipscombe on September 2, 2013

I recently visited a local Housing association that we’ve been consulting with to take them through their intranet Journey.

I spoke with their Intranet Development Manager Keri Harrowven, and it was really interesting to get an insight into her experiences of how working with us helped to clarify her intranet project.

Keri has a great deal of experience with intranet projects, but the consultancy that Martyn provided helped to extend her knowledge even further.

As Keri had never carried out stakeholder interviews or a card sort before, she was looking for additional support to help her get the most out of these activities. Observing how Martyn approached each task has given her the confidence to apply what she’s learned to future projects.

Not only did Keri manage to get a better understanding of what her staff expect from their intranet, she’s also seen a positive turnaround in attitude from key personnel with regards to the project.

I’ve written a case study about her experiences, where Keri discusses the different Journey activities that took place and how we helped her get the most out of each exercise in the limited time she had to complete them.

You can read the case study here.

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