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Uncovering your intranet opportunities

by Sam Lipscombe on September 18, 2013

Are you stuck as to how to go about collecting your intranet opportunities?

My colleague Martyn and I have been working on a campaign to help you find the best ways to gather information for your business.

To get you started, we’ve created a staff survey. Whether you’re looking to make changes to your existing site, or introduce an entirely new one, it’s always wise to get some feedback from your users. You’ll get an insight into what’s useful, what doesn’t work as well as suggestions for what they’d like to see.

As well as the staff survey, we’ll also be covering stakeholder interviews and provide you with a step by step guide to how they can give you a better understanding of what staff want and how to align this with your business objectives.

In addition, we’ll take you through how to conduct requirements gathering workshops and what you can expect to achieve from this activity.

The staff survey is available now, you can access it here.

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