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Who owns your intranet project?

by Lauren Parker on December 18, 2013

It’s often the case that responsibility for an intranet project is Blog-successful-intranetgiven to one department, more often than not it’s the remit of Marketing or Human Resources.

Time and again I encounter organisations with communications focussed intranets. They have barrelled along with their project without discussing it with the rest of the business, and are left confused as to why they are facing resistance from the rest of the company.

In this situation, the current issues regarding improving companywide communication may be resolved, but unfortunately no allowance has been made for a clear intranet road map of future plans.

Without having IT involved in the selection of a supplier, it can be
difficult to assess how suitable the chosen solution is for future development. This can lead to potential problems, as they may select a solution based on their current needs without considering how it could be adapted or altered in the future.

That’s why it’s so important that responsibility for the intranet should be with more than one department. It’s absolutely necessary that IT work closely with communications teams. This way, not only can they work together to uncover the needs of the organisation, IT can advise on the best way to deliver these needs.

By collaborating in this way and sharing ownership of the project, you’ll be guaranteed the longevity of your intranet. As IT will have been involved in the selection of the technology, they’ll have a vested interest in ensuring it can adapt to the changing needs of the organisation for years to come, not just for the here and now.

If you’d like to discuss project planning or any other intranet related matter, my colleague Martyn is running free telephone consultations in the New Year. You can book your slot here.

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