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How do you write engaging content for your audience?

by Sam Lipscombe on May 12, 2014

Whether your intranet is new to your organisation or has been in existence for a while, you won’t just be concerned with getting people to use your site, but encouraging them to return regularly too.

The best way to keep staff engaged with their site is to provide them with current, relevant content that matters to them. The way that your content is written is crucial to keeping your employees engaged.

The key is getting an understanding of how people engage with online content. Unlike printed copy, people have less patience when reading online copy and will skim an article, to see if it is relevant to them and worth reading in full.

To ensure your staff read your content, there are certain writing guidelines you will need to follow.


Firstly, think about what who your intended audience are and the type of language that they use. It’s important that you use language that they can relate to, so keep it simple and jargon free, it’s not your website so you can be far more informal here.

If it’s a news article you’re writing, start off with a short snappy headline to grab their attention, but make sure it’s relevant to your story. Imagery is always a good thing to use to further illustrate a story but again don’t use images just for the sake of it, make sure they are there for a reason.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of how to structure your content, make sure you brief your contributors, that way you’ll be sure that content is consistent across your site.

We run a writing for the intranet course where we show you how to effectively structure your content as well as taking you through practical exercises to get you into the swing of writing copy that works for your audience.

Check out our Events page for details of our next course.

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