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Have you done your intranet homework?

by Sam Lipscombe on August 21, 2014

Blog-homework-surveysWhen I first meet with organisations to discuss their intranet needs, they frequently make assumptions about what their users want or need. What I always point out is how will you know what staff really want if you haven't asked them? To make sure you get a site that truly works for your users I recommend doing some homework before you get started.

Ask the right questions

Staff surveys are a great way of gauging issues and getting feedback, but only if you ask the right people the right questions. You need to go back to basics. Instead of focussing your questions on what your staff want from their intranet, consider what they do on a regular basis.

Ask them:

  • Which tasks they perform the most frequently
  • What information they access on a daily basis

By asking questions such as these it will help you to identify intranet opportunities within your business that may otherwise be missed.

Make your site future proof

Understanding the needs of your users is essential if you want your site to stand up to the test of time. Focussing on your immediate needs will no doubt resolve existing issues, but it will mean further alterations will need to be made as the needs of your business and users change.

Keep evaluating your site

A good site will evolve with changing requirements. One of our clients surveys staff on a regular basis to not only get feedback but act on it too where needed. This way, not only do your employees get a site that works for them, they feel as though they are being heard and that their opinions count.

You can get more ideas on evaluating the needs of your users by downloading our intranet business case.

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