What a fantastic year we are having here at SORCE. We are delighted to be able to announce that we have won another great award, this time it’s the 2016 EmTech Excellence Award for most Innovative Intranet Solution. The judges were impressed by our approach to intranet software development and our willingness to push boundaries.

Clients come to us at very different stages of their intranet journey. Some already know their end user requirements and want us to design and develop their new intranet software straight away, whereas other clients use call upon us to help uncover their intranet requirements, help develop their intranet strategy and create new branding for them.

It is great to be part of the intranet software industry and the wider UK Tech industry. It’s a growing market and constantly evolving as new technology alters usability habits. We are currently helping a number of global clients understand their intranet requirements and develop tailored solutions.