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5 Business Processes Your Intranet Can Improve

by Paula Darch on May 3, 2016

Business Processes That Intranets Can Improve. Part 5 Effective Intranet Series

Intranets are an incredible tool to overhaul some of your day to day business processes that have become admin heavy, time consuming and in need of updating. By reviewing your  processes as part of your intranet development you will not only find ways to improve existing but also identify new ways of working. As part of our effective intranet series, here are the business processes our clients identified an effective intranet can impact. If you would like to read more download our free guide to managing your intranet.

5 Business Processes Your Intranet Can Improve:

1) Absence Management 

Your intranet can provide you with an easy way to manage leave requests and sickness using alerts to prompt user requests.

2) Managing Performance 

Managing your team’s appraisals and objectives through the intranet can save time and maintain up-to-date records centrally. This means the intranet becomes the go to place for managing teams.

3) General Company Stats 

The intranet can be the place people go to for company updates on performance and this should be available to all staff.

4) Training & E-Learning 

E-learning and staff training can all be managed through your intranet, consolidating business processes and creating a consistent approach across the whole organisation.

5) Employee Recognition

Recognising great work and helping to inspire and motivate teams is a perfect job for your intranet. Your intranet can be the vehicle through which your colleagues can nominate an employee of the month and the winner can be announced and their story shared with everyone.

Bringing business processes into your intranet will help you make your intranet criticall to the success of your organisation. I hope you have found this blog useful. To find out more about what makes an effective intranet, download our free guide. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you transform your intranet please get in touch.

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