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5 Ways to Encourage Intranet Collaboration

by Paula Darch on April 15, 2016

5 ways to Encourage Intranet Collaboration 

Intranet collaboration is a commonly used phrase but often misunderstood. In my view it's all about your intranet strategy and making sure that your intranet reflects the nature and culture of your business. This blog looks at how you can encourage collaborative working through your intranet. If you would like to find out how our Intranet software can help you collaborate book a demo with our intranet experts.

In today’s business world, many organisations are split by country and location, and with the rise of agile working, it’s more important than ever for your company intranet to connect all of your colleagues and provide a secure place where they can work together on projects.

There are of course practical steps you can take to make it as easy as possible for colleagues to collaborate and these include making sure you:

1) Make it simple for people to find people 
Collaborative working can’t start without finding the people you need to collaborate with! An effective people search with fully completed profile information alleviates end user frustrations and makes it quick to find and begin working together.

2) Creating, editing, sharing and finding documents should be quick and easy 
Enabling colleagues to upload, tag and track changes to shared documents are all essential for promoting a collaborative culture.

3) Make it easy for colleagues to create forums 
If colleagues are to collaborate easily from any device, any location or time zone it’s essential that they can get together through your intranet software. Creating forums, project areas where they can share ideas is a collaborative must.

4) Embrace social functionality in your intranet  
Quick ways to like, comment and share are taken for granted these days as social habits are reflected in intranet software functionality. They are important in their own right for helping colleagues to collaborate. We are all busy and a quick like or comment is sometimes all that is needed.

5) Let colleagues find help when they need it
Everyone’s knowledge level of your intranet software might be different and you need to ensure that if something is stopping them from completing an action, that your help functionality is comprehensive and quick.

I hope you have found this useful. In terms of encouraging collaborative working, this is something that needs to be nurtured and not forced. Telling colleagues that they must use your intranet software and must do X, Y and Z is a sure why to discourage collaborative working. Leading by example, creating an intranet project team collaborative working area and spending time with colleagues suggesting new ways of working which have a much greater impact.

If you would like to see how our intranet software can support your intranet collaboration we are always happy to meet to show you our solution, just a book a demo with our intranet experts.

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