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5 Tips on How to Engage Remote Workers

by Paula Darch on October 28, 2016


Creating an intranet that engages remote workers can be a challenge. With varied IT literacy, multiple browsers, language, confidentiality, device security and accessibility being just some of the issues faced by remote workers, the need for an effective intranet is increasingly important. This blog sets out 5 ways to help yourorganisation achieve full engangement. To discover more about how to create an effective intranet download our free guide.

5 Top Tips for Enganging Remote Workers:

1) Familiarity is key
Remote colleagues are far more likely to engage if, when they log in, they are faced with colours, branding and layout that they recognise.

2) Icon led
Some remote workers may need to access the intranet remotely through touch screen devices. Recognising this by introducing icon led navigation will really enhance their user experience.

3) Content variation
Working remotely can make employees feel isolated from the rest of the business. Consistently, changing and updating the content to give insight into what’s happening across the business is a great way to connect your employees and encourage engagement.

4) Widen the use and contribution
To help ensure adoption of the intranet by remote workers, consider widening the use of the intranet with additional applications essential for everyday business. Broadening the number of colleagues that contribute content is also a great way to further engagement.

5) Instant access
Remote workers should be taken straight to the intranet when they login. Ensuring the intranet is the first page employees see will gurantee engagement. 

I hope you have found these tips useful. If you have remote workers, how do you engage them and keep them up to date with company news? Let us know by posting a coment. To find out how SORCE can help you achieve remote worker engagement, book a personalised demo. Or, if you would like to read more, download our free guide on how to manage your intranet.


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