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AmSafe Bridport's Intranet Journey For Global Success

by Samantha Lawrence on May 26, 2016

AmSafe Bridport Intranet Journey For Global Success

Our client AmSafe Bridport operate across 3 continents with over 650 employees. Through a combination of exceptional growth, a few strategic acquisitions and strides in their capabilities and product development, they have become a world leader in safer, more efficient airframe restraints, barrier solutions, cargo handling, movement solutions and RPG protection for armoured vehicles. Here, Daniel Broom AmSafe Bridport’s Senior Systems Engineer talks to us about their SORCE intranet software journey which started in the late 1990’s.

1)  Your intranet requirements were to create a tailored portal enabling you to bring together a number of business processes and connect employees from around the globe. Your portal has been live for over 8 years now, what would you say was you greatest challenge in bringing your business processes together through your portal?

As an organisation which operates in multiple countries, using different ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), our initial challenge was to make our portal accessible from all sites and create applications which bring together business critical data. We chose SORCE as a solution because of its development capabilities, enabling us to develop applications using different data sources.

2) How has your intranet portal changed since its launch and how do you define future projects?

We initially implemented our Portal with SORCE version 6 and we have since upgraded it through versions 7 to 9. We are currently in the process of upgrading to the latest version, to take advantage of the latest SORCE intranet functionality.

3) How did you make sure the new portal became an integral part of the business?

Most of our business critical applications are hosted using our Portal which make it an essential tool of our business. Other than the standalone applications such as Support Desk, Change Control Application, Outworker System, Purchasing Management, etc., there are a number of other applications which integrate our ERP systems with the Portal. With all these applications the Portal has become a vital part of our day to day processes.

4) Your primary aim for creating the portal was to bring together different business processes and connect employees. How have you measured success and what benefits has the business seen?

As mentioned in above, we have developed a number of SORCE forms and .Net based applications which cater for most of our day to day business functionalities. It has been really useful as our employees could access all these applications in one location. And another benefit we have received with SORCE is its built-in Access Control features which has been really useful to control access to each application as required.

5) What’s the next portal challenge for AmSafe Bridport?

Bring all our existing applications into the latest version of SORCE, which will improve the look and feel and user engagement.

I hope you have found this insight from AmSafe Bridport useful. To find out more, check out the full case study.

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