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Autumnal Intranet Content Tips to Get You Started

by Paula Darch on September 12, 2016


It's been a busy summer for intranet content, but now we are all back to work after our holidays we need to start planning our intranet content for the next 3 months. Fresh content will really help your intranet engagement levels, so it's well worth doing. Schedule some time, make a coffee and get creative! I thought it would be useful to give you some ideas to get you started with your own intranet campaign planning. 

After reading this, if you are interested in finding out more about intranets, come along to one of our free intranet showcase events.

6 intranet content ideas to get you started this Autumn:

1) Autumn social night:

Use the intranet to communicate everything you need to about your office autumn social night out. If there is no social planned, then create a poll and ask colleagues if they would like one and given them some fun options. This could be anything from a autumn inspired treasure hunt to fireworks night.

2) Office Poll:

Why not ask your colleagues what they think about something happening in your business? Are you launching a new marketing campaign, product or service? Everyone loves to be asked for their opinion.

3) Inject some seasonal elements into your intranet design:

Icons, photos video and music all generate engagement. What about getting each department to film themselves singing a festive song (it really isn't that long until Christimas now! Never too early to start content planning)

4) Autumnal treasure hunt:

Hide images across your intranet and give colleagues clues as to where they are. Everyone who completes their treasure hunt form gets entered into a raffle to win a prize.

5) Fundraising:

Use your intranet to promote and launch a  fundraising event. Whether it be a bake off, dance off or an event for a local charity, your colleagues will love the chance to get involved.

6)  Gentle reminders:

Take the opportunity to remind everyone about important stuff, such as how to go about booking holiday, office cover, gifting policy, entertaining clients and anything else relevant to your business.

I hope this has got you thinking about how you can generate some great  content for your own intranet. If you would like to find out more about intranets, and how we can help, come along to one of our intranet showcase events or book a demo.

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