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Benefits of Absence Manager Intranet Applications

by Paula Darch on May 5, 2016

Benefits of Absence Mananagement

Intranets are becoming the hub of the business. More and more organisations are expanding the remit of their intranet and elevating its importance in its role to connect, share and streamline business processes. If you are planning your new intranet or looking to revamp your existing one, it can be quite daunting when faced with such high expectations as to where to start when it comes to introducing new business process applications to help fully integrate the intranet within your business. I would like to suggest the one business application to help you achieve intranet success is the HR absence manager application.

An increasing number of our clients are enabling the absence manager application to improve their intranet adoption and improve their business processes. Eliminating the need for paper trails, administrative errors and making the user experience simple and quick all contribute to helping put the intranet at the heart of your business.

The Absence Manager application provides users with a self-service searchable application whereby they can request leave via their intranet and view their absence records. It helps the organisation better plan for office cover and ensure there is capacity to meet workloads.

Absence Manager Intranet Application Benefits:

  1. From a business perspective, introducing an absence manager application reduces the strain on Human Resources and makes it easier to see overall company trends.
  2. End users have to login to the intranet to record all leave requests, helping users to adopt the intranet.
  3. Managers can login and see all leave requests, trends and schedule and manage their workload accordingly.

I hope this has given you a starting point to think about which business applications could make a real difference to your business and intranet software. If you would like to find out more about our SORCE intranet software solutions book a demo with our intranet experts.

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