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Checklist for Implementing Your New Intranet in 2017

by Paula Darch on December 19, 2016


As we look forward in to the New Year you might be thinking about putting forward a proposal for a new intranet. Check out our 7 tips for planning your new intranet, here. If this all runs smoothly, your budget proposal is approved and you are given the go ahead to set about delivering your new intranet then there's some further things to consider. This blog sets a 10 point checklist to ensure you cover all your bases. To help further you can download our guide to managing your intranet.


1. Understand Your End Users

Ensure you spend the time gathering your end user's needs; it is essential to ensure your final intranet meets their requirements. Too many businesses overlook this aspect or don’t give enough time to undertake this task fully. Time invested here is invaluable and will enable you to really understand your colleague’s intranet requirements.

2. Seek Senior Support

Intranet success can be heavily influenced by the level of internal support they receive. Seeking the support of senior management will help when it comes to resourcing, budgeting and prioritising.

3. Establish an Effective Intranet Steering Group

Successful intranet's have support. A steering group will represent key business areas and ensure the project is delivered on time, to spec and to budget.

It’s also important to review the skills of your steering group and identify any areas of expertise that you might need to outsource.

4. Phase Development

Intranet success cannot, and should not, be rushed. It is achieved through continual staged development, reviewing and improving. Ensuring that your intranet performance is reviewed on a consistent basis will allow for this. 

5. Ask the Experts

Intranet design and user experience is a specialist skill and is unique to each business. If you are not a design expert, seek additional help to ensure your intranet is consistent with your brand and reflects your end users requirements.

6. Central Point

Ensuring the intranet the is the first point of call for information will be invaluable to it's success. Make sure that your employees know to go to the intranet to find out about news, events and information.

7. Get Feedback

Asking employees how they feel about the intranet is essential to ensure ongoing engangement. Gain periodic feedback on how the intranet is meeting their needs and any improvements they would like to see. This feedback can highlight new developments or highlight existing functionality that doesn’t work as needed.

8. Manage Content

Continous and enganging content is crucial to ensure your intranet's success. Your team of intranet contributors and editors should be briefed on content creation and management to ensure content is consistent, continuous and in line with your business aims and objectives.

9. Intranet Strategy Focus

It is important not to lose sight of your organisation's intranet strategy. A successful intranet is not necessarily one that has all of the latest widgets available, but one that accomplishes what it set out to do and does it well.

10. Celebrate Success!

Celebrating intranet achievements ensures employee's reflect on the value of your intranet. When you have achieved key intranet milestones, tell everyone. A successful intranet is used to communicate positive news stories and the story of the intranet should be a featured article.


I hope this has got you thinking about how you can achieve intranet success in 2017. To inspire you further we would like to invite you to come along to one of our free intranet showcase events taking place all over the country. Why not also download one of our free guides to help with planning, starting and managing your intranet. 

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