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Generating Intranet Excitement and Engagement

by Martin Miles on August 14, 2017


Whether you’re launching a new intranet, updating an old or just hoping to boost engagement, promotion is key. This blog gives a few tips on how to generate excitement and engagement over your intranet. For more advice on how to manage your intranet project, download our free guide.

Engagement will stem from enthusiasm and awareness but how you generate this will depend on the culture of your organisation. What’s appropriate for one company may not suit another. Here are a few suggestions:

Competition - If you want your staff to feel involved, how about running a competition to name or rename the intranet? A prize can be offered to the winner and you also get a topical news story for your site.

Freebies / Merchandise - Tangible products promoting the intranet can be a good way to generate enthusiasm. T-shirts, stress balls and pens are always a popular choice.

Treasure Hunts - Intranet treasure hunts are popular as they encourage your staff to use their intranet and search around the site rather than just going to one specific page. One customer launched their intranet on Valentine’s Day, so they chose to hide hearts around their site. A prize was offered for the person who found all the hearts first.

Memorable Dates - You might wish to launch or re-launch your site on a significant date. Either a British Holiday (E.g. Valentine's Day / St Patrick's Day) or perhaps a date significant to your organisation. Be sure to celebrate the birthday of your intranet’s initial launch too. 

Photo Booth - One of our clients hired a photo booth for their intranet launch, encouraging staff to have photos taken individually or as a group. Not only did this generate awareness, it also provided staff with a profile picture to upload to their new intranet.

'How to' videos - You want your staff to use their intranet, so getting them familiar with its functionality and benefits is essential. Creating a fun, light hearted ‘how to’ video will engage your audience whilst educating them at the same time.

One thing to note is that your intranet may be a corporate tool but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun promoting it. This way you’ll generate excitement and enthusiasm, encouraging your staff to use their new business tool. For more tips and ideas about improving your intranet and intranet engagement, get in touch or join us at one of Showcase events

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