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How an Effective Intranet Can Help HR

by Paula Darch on March 22, 2017


Great intranets are capable of transforming business processes and can automise day-to-day tasks. These benefits increase productivity  across the whole organisation but this blog looks at how an effective intranet can assist your Human Resources department. For further information, and to find out how a new intranet can help other areas of your business, book your place at one of  our Showcase events.

5 Ways a Great Intranet Helps HR

1. Employee Data
Collecting employee information securely and thoroughly (and ensuring this information is kept up-to-date) is crucial for any organisation. The intranet enables employees to update their own personal information and have access to it whenever they need to. This facilitates a reduced burden on HR managers and allows for an automised way to manage holiday bookings and absences.

2. Information Management
Creating and distributing information such as important company policy information and details of new positions is a key role of HR. This can all be managed via the intranet, ensuring only the latest version of key documentation is available and offering a central hub to store, search and discover the required information.

3. Training and E-Learning

Your intranet can (and should) play a big role in training and development. In today's world, orgainsations are often spread across different locations and countries making it difficult to get everyone together at one location at the same time.

Your intranet is great for on-boarding new staff as you can provide access to key documentation and policies, perhaps providing an actionable list of tasks they need to complete.The intranet could also provide details about the latest training opportunities, both externally and internally and enable staff to request training and seek budgetary approval, if needed.

4. Recruitment 
In all organisations but particularly large businesses, managing and recruiting for vacant posts can be long and complicated process. Publishing vacancies on the intranet and communicating this to everyone is a great way to boost engagement, recruit internally and enhance the organisational culture of professional development.

5. Feedback and Engagement
Lastly, enabling two way communication and feedback is essential to boosting engagement. Intranet Polls, surveys and collaborative working are all achievable via the intranet and are great ways of encouraging usage.

I hope this blog has given you a few ideas about how HR can benefit from a new and effective intranet. If you would like to investigate the option of a new intranet or enhancing your existing intranet come along to one of our Showcase events or reach out to us directly.

Topics: intranets, human resources

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