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How Campaigns Can Improve Employee Engagement

by Sam Lipscombe on May 6, 2016

How campaigns can improve employee engagement 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a group of intranet managers to discuss some of the strategies they used to improve employee engagement on their intranet. In this blog post I want to share with you one of the strategies that most organisations can incorporate to help keep staff engaged. Find out what other engagement ideas we suggest by downloading our free guide to managing your intranet. 

The group contained intranet managers from a wide variety of different companies. There was an individual from a hospital trust, a football club, a charity and someone from a company that owned shopping malls. All of these organisations were using our intranet software particularly well and I wanted to see if there were any engagement techniques they were using that could be applied to any organisation.


During the course of the discussion we got onto the topic of campaigns. The intranet manager from the hospital trust mentioned that they used their intranet to reinforce some of the initiatives that they had as a business. Their most recent was to encourage staff to get fitter by walking more. Staff were provided with pedometers and there was a competition to see who could log the most amount of steps. The intranet was an ideal tool to share these results.


As the discussion continued, each person mentioned that they had considered their intranet as a great tool to reinforce campaigns. The football club highlighted key events within their stadium so that everyone was clear what was happening. The charity had fundraising events that it promoted on their intranet highlighting how important these were to their business and how staff could get involved. The shopping mall used the intranet to reinforce their seasonal promotions so that staff knew what was happening right now.


I’ve seen this in other intranets in the past, how marketing teams display their latest TV adverts to employees and use the intranet to showcase their latest promotions and offers so the staff are more informed. Employee engagement needn’t be complicated but it does need to be considered.


Try and see how you can use your intranet as a tool to share marketing campaigns or events with your employees. Let us know your ideas in the comments section. For other useful examples on how to encourage employee engagement, download our guide

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