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How Our Team Spaces Intranet Application Can Help Your Business

by Marc Roberts on June 23, 2016


The intranet is a great tool for bringing teams together. In this blog I’m going to share how our Team Spaces intranet application has made teams more productive. You can see this powerful intranet application for yourself by booking a demo with one of our intranet experts. 

When we created Team Spaces, our objective was to help teams communicate more efficiently. We wanted to use the intranet as a platform where groups could securely communicate information and work towards their goals within a single, shared area.

We took some key intranet applications, such as microblogs, document management and contacts and brought these together. Team members then had direct access to information relating to the groups they were involved with. They could share files, discuss challenges and objectives even see who else they were working with (especially useful if team members were based in different geographical locations). 

Each Team Spaces could be private or public, meaning sensitive information or discussions were not available to the wider intranet audience. This meant that Team Spaces can be used for both management discussions between department heads as well as the coordination of social groups across the organisation. 

Now, this in itself provides massive value but we didn’t stop there. We considered what it may be like to include others from outside the business to join a secure Team Spaces and contribute. When we broadened this out it then became possible for clients to use Team Spaces for a range of other tasks. 

External committees use Team Spaces to share minutes and documents related to issues that they have considered. Marketing teams share project or brand assets with the suppliers and agencies they are working with. Senior management have a secure location to share due diligence within a merger or acquisition. 

The security of the intranet infrastructure means that the Team Spaces intranet application provides a centralised way to store documents and content without needing to use other potentially unsecure cloud storage services. Control of content is kept within the business and email traffic is reduced. 

Team Spaces is one of our many applications that has a lot to offer. To see this intranet application at work, book a demo and our intranet experts will help show you the impact it can have on your intranet teams.

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