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How to Spring Up Your Intranet

by Paula Darch on February 23, 2016

How to spring up your intranet

The spring flowers are bursting open, the evenings are getting lighter and there is a definite hint that spring is on its way. It’s a great time to plan your spring intranet campaign. I thought I would pull together some ideas to get you started.

10 Ways to Spring Up Your Intranet:

1. Spring news and updates

For many organisations, April is the beginning of a new financial year and the time when new and exciting projects are unveiled. It’s a win win that your intranet is THE place that these new plans are kept and accessed by those who need to and a summary of the headline projects provided by the project owners. It’s also a great opportunity for the CEO to upload a video blog talking about the year ahead and any important points to be made aware of. Don’t forget to include fun items too such as charity fundraisers, personal challenges and bake-offs.

2. Easter

Use Easter as a way of highlighting key tools that colleagues will use such as booking annual leave  or finding a colleague or document.

3. Easter egg hunt

Use your intranet to announce a digital Easter Egg Hunt and hide images of eggs on pages that colleagues then need to find. Prize for the winner always goes down well!

4. Update your intranet calendar and populate it with interesting company factoids, or jokes from each department or get to know colleagues.

5. Inject some spring elements into your intranet design

Spring icons, photos video and music all generate engagement.

6. Spring fundraising

Use your intranet to promote and launch a spring fundraising event. Whether it be a bake off, gift collection or an event for a local charity, your colleagues will love the chance to get involved.

7. Spring/Summer holiday booking

Take the opportunity to remind everyone about important procedures, such as how to go about booking holiday, office cover and anything else relevant to your business.

8. Spring photo gallery

Take some photos of each team's working area and publish them. Spring clean your office competition always a big hit as colleague’s love a bit of competition!

9. Spring intranet clean up

Ask colleagues to not only clean their desks but their intranet. It’s also a great opportunity to ask for some feedback on how they are finding their intranet and any developments they would like to ask for.

10. Refresh your content

Speak with your intranet contributors and encourage them to write some new content and upload new imagery. Refreshing the content is a great way to stimulate engagement.

I hope this has got you thinking about how you can spring up your intranet and generate some great engagement amongst your colleagues.

If you would like to be intranet inpsired, come along to one of our intranet showcase events. They are free to join and will give you some great insight.

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