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How Your Intranet Can Grow Your Business [Download]

by Paula Darch on February 2, 2016

How your intranet can help grow your business

Many organisations know they need an intranet but aren’t aware of just how powerful a great intranet can be in terms of how it can help grow your business. Most of us access intranets on a daily basis from our smart phones, tablets and other devices without appreciating its true ability. Today intranets are becoming the digital hub of the business so it’s more important than ever to understand the impact of a successful intranet on your business.

If you are compiling a business case for your new intranet you will need to review the benefits for your own organisation and understand it’s potential. Successful intranets can bring the following benefits to organisations:

  1. Improved productivity, enabling employees to locate information easier and faster.
  2. Improved communication throughout the organisation. Important messages broadcast to the right people when needed and documents updated in real time.
  3. Greater employee engagement and collaborative working.
  4. Improved accessibility for all colleagues no matter where and how they are accessing the intranet.
  5. Improving business processes with applications designed for specific business requirements.
  6. Email volumes reduced, saving time.

In addition to these intranet benefits, each department may see additional value:

Sales & Marketing intranet benefits:

  • Instant access to up-to-date sales information and ability to update reports in real time
  • Communicating brand guidelines and latest campaigns to the right people at the right time and the ability to check everyone has accessed the information
  • Internal PR campaigns managed and published centrally via the intranet

Accounts intranet benefits:

  • Publishing financial policies and procedures in central location
  • Enabling expenses to be completed online, saving administrative time
  • Distribute sensitive information securely

Human Resources intranet benefits:

  • Enable employees to access and request holiday information multiple devices
  • Instant access to the live version of the employee handbook and policies and procedures
  • Staff training opportunities communicated to the right people at the right time

Senior Management & Director’s intranet benefits:

  • Publish Targets for the coming year along with mission statements and objectives
  • All meeting minutes held in one place, making access easier and instant
  • The ability to securely distribute sensitive company information to management teams

I hope this blog demonstrates just how powerful your intranet can be and how the collective result of all of these benefits is a more engaged, efficient and productive team foucssing on growing your business. How would your new intranet help grow your business? If you want to read more about what you need to compile your intranet business case you can download our free business case guide.

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