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How Your Intranet Name Can Help Your User Adoption

by Paula Darch on June 15, 2016


I’ve written before about how to go about generating names and the importance of them, but I think it’s also worth considering how important intranet names are in helping with user adoption. I would also like to invite you to be one of the first to download our new Top 86 Intranet Names document. A must read for anyone planning a new intranet.

The first point to ask is do you really need a new intranet name? A new name is always the first response because it’s a new intranet but if your current intranet name is on brand, well liked and ingrained within the company, do you really need to change it? Could intranet x not just have a complete makeover and perhaps a new strapline to reinforce their newness?

There are as always, advantages for and against creating a brand new intranet name. If your current intranet is not well thought of, then a new intranet name, new look and new content maybe best way forward as it indicates a new start.

Whatever you decide you will have to ensure your new intranet software is adopted and well used. How do you go about achieving this? A positive reaction to a new catchy name is always a great way to boost adoption rates. The most important ways of achieving this though is through consistent messaging and reinforcing the new name in all communications and launch campaigns.

Your intranet launch campaign is very important in terms of the perception your end users will have of your new intranet. Balancing Company values with a new intranet brand/image can be difficult to achieve, so don’t worry you are not alone in your challenge!

To help you further we have created a handy, free downloadable Top 86 Intranet Names document. It lists names to inspire and to encourage you to stop and think about your name and why names are important. You can download your free copy today.


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