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Improving Employee Engagement From Day 1

by Sam Lipscombe on June 2, 2016

Improving employee engagement from day 1

From the moment an employee joins your organisation they are beginning to form an opinion and judgement about your business. Getting employees engaged in their work and the business from the start will go a long way towards the commitment they show in the future. In this blog I’m going to discuss how the intranet can improve employee engagement from day 1. To find out about this and more book your demo now.Depending on your organisation, as a new starter it’s likely that you will have a number of videos to watch, training sessions to attend, documents to read, forms to fill out and a familiarisation process to follow. The intranet, as a place that is accessible to all, is an ideal location to store and manage this content. 

Some organisations have chosen to run this entire program from within their intranet, using our e-learning intranet application to manage this. E-learning enables you to deliver a series of courses or training material, testing the understanding of the individual after they have gone through your course. This process is a great way to check and record that your employees understand what they have learned. Tests can be re-run in the future to refresh their understanding or to ensure compliance. 

Induction run on the intranet can be done in other ways also. The intranet can also help employees find and connect with mentors through the contacts directory. They can see the organisations hierarchy and where their role fits in. 

The intranet will also make sure important documents, policies and procedures are read by your new starters through mandatory read. Mandatory read asks for conformation that a document has been read and gives you a complete audit trail so that you can ensure compliance. 

As well as the intranet applications a large part of the intranet is getting employees to engage with each other. A new starter team space can be set up so that individuals who started at the same time can get to know each other and share experiences. Social collaboration is great for this, with microblogs giving starters a route to ask questions and share answers. 

Getting employees involved in the intranet early can have massive benefits for engagement in the intranet. As staff browse and participate in their induction they inevitably discover other content, building up greater understanding of the developments within the business. 

Our experienced intranet consultants can discuss with you how our intranet software can improve employee engagement in your business. Simply book a demo and we’ll arrange a suitable time.

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