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Intranet Improvements: The Importance of Small Changes

by Paula Darch on March 15, 2017


An intranet will benefit different organisations and individuals in different ways. For some employees, intranets will dramatically change the way they work. For others, business improvements might be more subtle. This blog sets out why focusing on small changes which effect every-day tasks is crucial. For more information on managing your intranet, download our free guide.

1. The Power of the Small

Simple changes are always underestimated. Just because 1 business change does not justify a new intranet in itself, a combination of these small changes can make a huge difference to your organisation. 

While the automisation of holiday-booking is always a popular benefit, the changes you want to make for your organisation might be more unique. For one of our clients, the ability to manage and view the availability of car parking spaces was hugely beneficial. For another, it was an alteration to the payment system in their office canteen. Whatever the change, if it will improve business productivity, it is worth considering.

2. Employee Engagement

If your intranet tailors to the smaller needs of the individual it will make employees feel valued and keep them engaged. Acting upon a suggestion made by new-starter Sarah in Marketing demonstrates that you value your entire workforce and are willing to listen to any (and all) suggestions that will benefit the organisation, no matter how small. 

2. Chain-reaction 

Attracting staff to the intranet with these small processes is beneficial in itself but they also have a knock-on effect. It might result in staff noticing other aspects of the intranet that are more business critical. While booking their holiday, employees may notice the announcement showing their latest marketing campaign, or the big event that is just around the corner.

4. New Ideas

If you can show employees that the intranet can support some of the processes they do on a regular basis you’ll soon find them coming to you with more ideas. An effective intranet streamlines the way staff work and should incorporate as many day-to-day tasks as possible. Encouraging these ideas will allow you to improve your intranet with ideas that senior management may never have considered. 


Here at SORCE, we have a range of examples of different processes used by organisations to improve their business productivity, to find out about more, book a demo or read our client case studies.

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