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Is Intranet Content Key to Success?

by Paula Darch on April 14, 2016

intranet content key to success

Everyone knows that an intranet without content isn’t an intranet, but everyone’s thoughts on what makes effective intranet content differs depending upon our own experiences and organisation culture. We asked 64 intranet managers to give us ideas on how content can help increase engagement on the intranet, today we’re going to share a few of these ideas with you. For more information, you can download our free guide to managing your intranet.

Intranet content ideas for success:

1) News from the top

Publish regular updates from senior management on performance, strategy, new business and business achievements. Employees enjoy feeling connected to senior management, to understand their thoughts and to put the work they are performing in context.

2) Interactive comments/ratings

To encourage engagement the group thought it was really important to reflect habits formed through social media to enable colleagues to rate and comment on content. This gives an outlet to not only have their voice heard but also share feedback and best practice with others.

3) Video

Today’s intranet embraces multimedia content and the group thought that video was an important element of the perfect intranet. Video footage of what colleagues get up to in their day to day job, short videos from the CEO or colleagues off site at events were just a few suggestions.

4) Tone of voice

It was widely acknowledged that tone of voice is really important and should be agreed from the outset as different tones of voice suit different organisation cultures.

5) Carousel announcements

Although the carousel functionality can be debated as a design piece, the group felt a carousel featuring the latest news was really important to create interest and drive engagement.

6) Feedback

The group felt the intranet was also the ideal place to celebrate success and give public feedback and encouragement on achievements of teams and individuals.

7) Microblogs

We all use microblogs but sometimes their importance is underestimated. The group felt microblogs are a really important way of sharing the breadth of activity and insight of everyone within the organisation.

These are just a few of the ideas our group of intranet managers had on how content can be used to increase employee engagement. For more information, download our guide to managing your intranet.

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