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How To Launch Your Company Intranet

by Paula Darch on November 8, 2016


You want your intranet to be as successful as possible so launching it effectively and sustaining engagement is crucial. This blog provides 9 top tips on how to do just that. Different organisations have different needs and, as such, will need to adapt their launch strategy depending upon their organisation’s size, culture and locations. To read about this in greater detail, download our free guide to managing your intranet or speak to one of our team for tailored advice. 

9 Tips for Launching Your Intranet:

1) Set a Launch date 

Make sure people know when your intranet is being launched - create a buzz! Setting a launch date that ties into a pertinent company day or occasion is a great way to ride the wave of enthusiasm. What about a business anniversary or upcoming event?

2) Create Some Teasers 

Much like the trailer for a new feature film, generate excitement prior to launch day by advertising the launch. Try posters, emails, videos and blog posts.

3) Go Big Bang 

Why not make it an event. The Big Bang launch strategy goes all out with design, budget, communications and promotions to ensure that no one can escape the fact that your new intranet is launching. Real examples include parties, countdowns, cakes, videos and more. 

Check out other intranet launch strategies on our Top Intranet Launch Strategies blog post. 

4) Set the Company Intranet as the Web Browser

This will mean everyone will see the new intranet as soon as they login.

5) Get Everyone Involved in Creating User Profiles 

The first time people login to the new intranet they should be prompted to create or edit their user profile. This could be incentivised with a competition to complete their profile within a certain time frame. 

6) Record Some Short “How to Videos” 

Upon launch, the intranet should feature prominent 'how to' videos, such as 'how to navigate', a welcome and a history of how the intranet got to launch. 

7) Launch with the Help of Intranet Champions 

Identify intranet champions throughout the organisation who are briefed on the project and trained to be become intranet experts. On the day of launch they can wear bright coloured intranet branded t-shirts, so if anyone has questions they can go to the nearest champion for help. 

8) Walk the Floor 

Getting out and meeting the users is a really important part of the launch. Why not fill a snack trolley and get around your organisation to engage with colleagues and find out what they think of the new intranet? 

9) Use e-Bulletins to Promote the Company Intranet Launch 

During its launch phase, e-bulletins highlighting key features to showcase exciting new content will help to encourage visits and page views.  

If you liked these ideas, our free downloadable guide gives more advice on launching and managing your intranet. 

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